Fall 2010 begins!

Hello all!  Faces of Feminism is hitting the ground running this semester!  We’ve already had two meetings with amazing turnouts.  Thanks to everyone that came-we look forward to seeing you again soon!  I am working on typing up the crucial points from tonight’s meeting which I will post via our facebook page within the next day or so.  Please be on the lookout for that!

Local artist and good pal of mine Rebecca Scott was kind enough to design the FOF flyer.  It looks amazing!  Now FOF needs help printing, copying, and distributing these flyers anywhere and everywhere!  Offcampus and on!  Feel free to utilize the print/copy machine in the Women’s Studies’ department (10th floor of the Urban Life building)

Here’s a scan of the image.  I am also working on adding everyone to the email list, so I will email links to the jpg file as well.

Just a reminder that next Monday, September 20th, there is no official meeting.  On the 20th Spelman College hosts a conversation with amazing feminist activists/writers Gloria Steinem and bell hooks.  The event starts at 4 pm.  Here’s a link to the site with the address and other event info: http://www.spelman.edu/about_us/distinction/womenscenter/events.shtml Hopefully everyone can make it!

Also, if you would like to add to the blog, make sure to create a wordpress account.  Message FOF via facebook and we can give you the blog password info.

More FOF blogging excitement to come!  Be on the lookout!


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Unity Conference: Southeast Regional Conference

The Unity Conference is coming up (April 9-11)! It promises to be a lot of fun, and an opportunity to engage in critical, academic, activist conversations centering on the theme: Intersecting Identities: Politics, Power, Performance. They describe the theme on their website (http://unityconference.webs.com/theme.htm) as follows:

What account of ourselves and each other must we give to build a social movement? How can we use our unique and collective experiences to inform visions of social justice? Does the alphabet soup of LGBTQIA encompass any one of us? Can we be served by any political action that is waged on the fault lines of a single identity category?

People have been grappling with these and similar questions for a while now.  Sometimes we attempt to smooth the contradictions and risks that come in trying to answer these questions with words like “diversity,” “inclusivity,” and “multiculturalism.” But what can these words really mean if they remain static ideas on a piece of paper? We all hail from multiple and fragmented communities. Our differences are real, deep, and difficult.  If we don’t poke and prod at those differences, we risk alienating our actions from the transformative change that we demand and espouse.

The 2010 Unity Conference, “Intersecting Identities: Politics, Performance, Power” will take up intersectionality as an ethic of activism and theorizing.  Intersectionality has always been a primary value that guides the organizing of the Unity Conference, but this year we wanted to shake things up a little and get that ideal off the paper and onto center stage.  This year’s conference will explore the possibilities of using the contentions of difference as a major site of power, play, and visioning.  We want to examine the multiple intersections and collisions that inform the ways in which we take up— and refuse—  identity and identification in our everyday lives as movers and shakers.

We have developed three organizing subthemes to focus our discussion:

1.       How do we perform and theorize our intersecting identities?

2.       How do assimilationist and anti-assimilationist politics operate within LGBTQ communities?

3.       How do we build and sustain diverse committed to social justice?

In exploring these questions we hope to bring an array of artists, performers, speakers and activists together to organize and vision with a difference.  Once again, we’ll take up performance and art as primary tools and sites of transformative political engagement. Performance will be seen not only as an action that is limited to a defined time and place, but an orientation that we can use to queer the questions that we seek to ask and learn. We will also explore the experiences of local activists and organizers that use other frameworks to inform their action.  We hope that this unique combination of academics, performance artists, lobbyists, bloggers, and general rabble rousers will help us explore the multiple ways in which we are all able to move power towards a different kind of politics that is committed to the stubborn possibility of social justice.

We fully welcome and anticipate your critical participation and enthusiasm.  We can’t wait to see you on the weekend of April 9th!

SOOOO, Faces of Feminism is loading up and heading to Chapel Hill! The school provides vans free of charge. We just have to pay for gas, registration ($20 low income, but no one is turned away), lodging and food. Faces of Feminism is interested in reimbursing people for their registration and lodging if possible. So, please let us know if you are interested in registering, have registered, or are interested in a ride. Details will be finalized once we have an idea of who is/how many are interested in going. Comment here or send FOF a message or e-mail.

Thanks!!! Can’t wait!


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Faces of Feminism blog

Faces of Feminism now lets you participate remotely!

We still have weekly meetings every Tuesday in the Student Center at 6:30 P.M. But, if this doesn’t work for you, we still want to hear your thoughts, ideas, and contributions. Check back here to find out what was discussed each week, what feminist events are coming up, and general musings. Of course, we’d love to see you at both the meetings and on our blog.

Don’t Forget!–

Know Your Rights training this Tuesday (2/23) in the Student Center at 6:30 P.M.

Our polyamory zine is coming out soon! More details later.

Submit to the Faces of Feminism conference, Better Safe Than Sorry: Queries into Notions of Security. We invite students, scholars, artists, and activists from the GSU and Atlanta-area communities to submit proposals for conference papers and artwork. Conference will be held mid-April at GSU. Contact facesoffeminism@gmail.com for more information.

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